Friday, July 30, 2010

Download Tekken Movie

Download Tekken Movie for tasting the gaming flavor in the form of movie. While reading that content you would be like jumping with utter amazement and saying wow. Why not? It’s your darling game Tekken going to enthrall you via its movie form. This good news will surely drag the bazillions fans on net to download Tekken the movie. This would be the dream come true for several fans that were waiting for this game to move towards Hollywood.
Talking about the Tekken, it is a hand to hand combat video game that has widely appreciated by the fans and has largely appreciated by critics. Tekken fever engulfed the world for the first time when it launched by the Konami a decade ago. This violent game gave a huge up thrust to the gaming industry and had proved to be the billions dollar game for its makers.

Mania of Tekken can be seen on web also where millions of fans combating online with one another through their darling characters. It is such a game which helped the gaming industry to explore the new heights and possibilities in 3D gaming. You will undoubtedly be getting eager with yours endeavors to download Tekken Movie after going through this write up.

If you take a look at the various characters of Tekken, you will then get to learn that each character is well defining its fighting style. In other words, each character is simply the god in its fighting technique. People love watching Martial Arts action sequences in movies and games and when it comes to the games, Tekken’s name is written in golden words in Gaming Bible.

Just as the regular Tekken story, the synopsis of the movie is also fabricated around the tournament set by the Mishima Corporation. Once you download Tekken Movie and watch it you will learn that the story starts with the end of the world war held in year 2039. Countries are no longer in the ruling hands of government but the powerful corporation Mishima Industries.

Heihachi Mishima the owner of the corporation set a fight tournament showing what he is capable of. A young and rebellious Teenager Jin Kazama seeking for the revenge for the murder of his mother gets to know about the tournament. Knowing the truth that the guilty is none other than his grandfather Heihachi, he jumps into the battle without showing any moment of hesitation.

"What will happen next?" can only be known once you download Tekken Movie and watch it. After taking look at the trailer of this flick it is pretty anticipated that the movie is worth seen. That was all about the Tekken the movie. If you desire to learn more about this flick you can look for the subscription sites on web.

Lihat serunya aksi jagoan-jagoan kamu di game Tekken dalam Film Tekken, silahkan download disini.

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